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Hi friends,

Here's my new archive page of fic from before season 8. I'll be reorganizing it into something a little more usable, but for now, it's just a list. Bear with me please. I'm not a whiz and my webmater is off taking his SATs.

Cheers, Zuffy.

Zuffy's fanfic

Here are some of my older fics.

Journey, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Journey, Part 5 - Conclusion. . This WIP now finished. Lots of MSR and lots of angst: Scully and Mulder are separated by the most difficult divide: Time. Will they find their way back against the efforts of the Smoking Man?

Return of the Ova: Mulder rescues Scully's ova, but then what?

Aftermath1, Aftermath2, Aftermath3, Aftermath4. This series began with the devasting effects *One Son had on Mulder and Scully's partnership, and continued through their desperate attempt to understand the alien threat and the complex loyalties of Diana and other players. Chapters 3 and 4 take place after Biogensis as Scully and Mulder try to come to terms with his mysterious illness. There's a shippy end for believers...

The Truth About Alien Hybrids: Mulder and Scully learn the truth behind the hybrids while working on a fraud case.

Tipped Off: a post-season five ep. dealing with Diana and Gibson. Not too shippy, it's an X-Files adventure set in England.

In Defense of the MSR: What holds Mulder and Scully together?

Encounter with CSM: CSM visited my part of the world and here's my account of his talk! To believe or not to believe?

Fanfic favorites from past seasons


Without the Bee by Starbuck: What if the bee had slept through the hallway scene?

Agents of Change: Starbuck sent me this great story. It picks up when Mulder rescues Scully from the alien ship in Antarctica and follows their attempts to return to the base. Wonderful adventure, vivid descriptions!


Atomic Split. This angsty post-Orison tale is beautifully written, like all of Pteropod's work, and has wonderful insights into the Mulder-Scully bond.

I'm proud to have three other great Pteropod stories archived here: Orion. Ptero's first fanfic is a wonderful post-Closure story. Sweet and angsty with a smidge of physics. Touch the Moon looks at the day after the events in *all things. And Thirty-four Minutes in the Life of Brian wonders about Scully's secret tastes in movies.


Penumbra, one of my favorite authors, has a new fic called Parabiosis. It fills in season seven with the unseen progression of the MSR and a case we never knew about. It is beautifully written and the characters are deep and quirkly and absolutely right. You can find it on Penumbra's home page.

Black Hole Season by the singular Penumbra. Mulder and Scully weave in each other's orbits, close and far.

Vespers by Penumbra. Mulder wants to go to Area 51. Scully is the sceptic, but Mulder's on a riff.


Ending to First Person Shooter. Patterson treats us to the *right* ending to First Person Shooter.

Maria Nicole

The Devil's Instant by Maria Nicole. How does the Review Board handle Scully's shooting of Donnie Pfaster? How does Scully herself deal with her guilt? Great story!


How sonic imagery woke up Scully. Lucyskull's wonderful exploration of the music and sounds in *all things.

Lone Thinker (LT)

If you haven't yet read LT's X-Files novel (well, epic is closer to it), now's the time to start. Part One Paradise Lost and Part Two Walking Through Fire are up in their entirety. Sanctuary is finally finished after a long wait. LT started back in Season 6 when Mulder and Scully were pulled off the X-Files and has given us an amazing story full of angst, MSR, a great deal of self-discovery, and some very special new characters.

Lone Gunwoman

And now for something completely scientific: Ever feel bewildered about the status of the MSR? Scratch your head about why it's taken them six years to get to one kiss? Here is Lone Gunwoman's explanation of the X-Files Theory of Relatively and the Naked Pretzel Paradox. Put on your thinking caps! Oh, and the way Mulder walked into Scully's bedroom at the end of Orison just adds support to LGW's fabulous theory.

Lone Gunwoman has published an account of her recent trip to the US where she had close encounters with other Philes and some strangely unexplained phenomena. Billed as "the world's first non-fiction fanfic," it's all true. Almost. The Truth Was Out There.


Itinerant Stasis II: Mulder's Story Mulder and Scully have temporarily retreated to safety. They each discover new things about Mulder's past. Three parts.

Itinerant Stasis: Book I Scully rushes back from New Mexico to confront the mysteries surrounding Mulder's hospitalization. Three parts.

Reconciliation A follow up to 'One Son.'

Beautiful A post-Milagro journey into the head of Special Agent Fox Mulder.


Here's a story by JLB with terrific characterizations: Abstract Insight. Pre-*Requiem, Mulder is frustrated, Scully is worried, and nobody's really talking.


Gwoman has produced the next installment of her Moment series. Called A Moment's Thought, Scully considers why she runs from Mulder. Part Three of the Moment Series.

To Have This Moment Scully is challenged to confront her fears and her feelings. Part Two of the Moment series.

One Moment Mulder wonders about their path, and Scully makes a decision. Part One of the Moment series.

Snapshots A case, a box of pictures, and some musings of our favorite redheaded agent.

Gwoman Dreams Scully faces disturbing dreams involving a new neighbor.


DreamLurker provides another take on what follows "One Son" called Red River found on her home page.

Another amazing DreamLurker story is called Styx. Please check it out. The characters and story are beautifully done.


Small Miracles By CSue: Agent Scully is already in love. With whom? Post-Milagro.


CazQ came up with a wonderful story of Mulder and Scully under the night sky at Christmas in Season 7. This link will take you to Midnight Clear.

Latest annals of rodent art: I you haven't seen our friend JonR's work, come now! The world's only warrior hamster, and he's got a PhD. Check out his art here.

Here are some of my favorite X-Files links:

My friend Penumbra, who has let me post some great stories above, now has her own website called Umbra Penumbra. You can find several other stories there along with some of her always interesting observations about the characters and their relationship.

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