Date: 18 October 1998

Subject: A humorous look at what happens to the MSR at the very end of the series.

Title - Las Vegas Finish

Author - Zuffy

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Rating - PG 13

Category - MSR

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Keywords - MSR

Summary - Mulder takes Scully on a detour in Las Vegas.

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Agent Fox Mulder and Agent Dana Scully and such other references of the copyrighted X-files are the sole property of its creator, Chris Carter, and its owners, 1013 Productions, and FOX television, a unit of 20th Century Fox, Inc. No copyright infringement is intended




Warning: shippiness ahead.

Scene: Mulder and Scully have been in Las Vegas investigating some bizarre incidents at the casinos. They are now close to wrapping up the case. The story opens with them driving through city streets in their rental car.

Scully looks out the window. "I'll be glad to get this case wrapped up and return to peace, quiet, and subdued street lighting."

Mulder turns the corner.

"Aren't we going back to the hotel, Mulder?"

"Just a quick detour, Scully. You can't come to Vegas and pass up the most important sights."

"So, where are we going?"

"Best to be surprised. It's not too far." He smiles at her.

Soon they pull up outside a pawn shop. Contrary to his usual behavior, Mulder hurries around to help Scully out of the car. She looks at him quizzically as he leads her to the door of what looks like a small, frame house. They enter. The room is full of Elvis memorabilia - posters, statuettes, photos, books, gold records, articles of clothing. A woman sits at a desk in a corner opposite the door. She looks at them curiously but continues talking on the phone.

"What is this, Mulder? Where are we?"

"This is the Elvis Wedding Chapel. I've never had a chance to come here before. It's on the pilgrimage circuit; ranks pretty high on the list, just below Graceland itself, actually. Coming here brings me a big step closer to membership in the fan hall of fame."

"I might have guessed. Thanks for including me."

Mulder makes a sweeping motion with his arm. "You can't say you've ever seen anything like this before. I'm pretty sure the Reticulans have nothing to compare with this."

"I'll agree with you there. It's quite, uh, out of this world in its own way. Please tell me there's an impersonator on the staff..."

She looks around slowly, but Mulder continues talking.

"Well, Scully, as long as we're here let's do it. What do you say?"

Scully doesn't respond. She is still looking around at the display of objects in the room. Mulder puts his hands gently on her shoulders.

"Scully? Scully, are you listening?"

His touch brings her out of her trance.

"I'm sorry. I've never seen anything quite like this. Did I miss something you said?"

"Yes, Scully, I said let's do it. Right here. Right now."

"Do what, Mulder?"

"Get married."

She looks at him blankly.

"Get married? You and me? Here? Now?"

He nods his head.

"I'm a damn fine lover, Scully."

The corner of her mouth twitches as she suppresses a smirk.

"OK. Give me three reasons why we shouldn't."

Scully senses that she has caught on to the joke. She arches an eyebrow at him, then looks down at her hands and begins counting on her fingers.

"One, we haven't got a license. Two, we don't have rings. And three," she looks up at him with a little smile, "it's undoubtedly against agency policy to get married while you're on duty."

Mulder breathes out in relief. "Is that all? One and two we can take care of pretty quickly and three, well, need I say that I don't find that reason very persuasive."

Scully looks at his face closely. The familiar teasing look has now disappeared.

Mulder says softly, "We can have a church ceremony later for your family."

Scully opens her mouth to speak, but breathes out instead. Then she says with a scrutinizing look, "Mulder, I'm beginning to think you're serious this time."

She places one hand on his face, along the side of his cheek.

Mulder turns to kiss it. "I haven't necessarily discovered the truths that I set out to learn, but I have found the truth that exists between us. I love you to the depth of my soul. I want us to be together always."

Scully continues to stare at him for a long minute. Then she draws his face closer to hers and closes her eyes.

[We finally get the big kiss we've waited for! That we deserve! YES!]

The kiss goes on. The receptionist takes a piece of paper and two pens out of her desk and then starts filing her nails. A middle-aged couple enters the room and spots our duo. The wife wiggles her eyebrows at her husband. He shrugs in return. They go over to the souvenir counter. Credits roll.

(Apologies to any real Elvis-theme Wedding Chapels which may not be at all like this.)