The Antonine Baths was the largest bath complex in North Africa and third largest in the Roman world. Unfortunately, all that survives is the underground passages where slaves worked and fire were tended. Nevertheless, some fine pieces of inscription and relief remain and are placed throughout the site. The area is a posh now as it was then since many ambassadors live in near by not to mention the President, whose palace you can make out on the far left.

Residential section of Carthage

Atrium of a Villa decorated with statuary found in different places around Carthage.

Marble floor that decorated the atrium of the villa above

El Jem

Arches that supported the three tiers of seats. This amphitheater in was the third largest in the Roman world and largest outside of Italy. It could hold an estimated 45,000 spectators. Only the Coliseum and the amphitheatre in Capua were larger.

Walls of the amphitheatre

The tunnel Gladiators would walk through to reach the entryways into the arena.

The town of El Jem is probably not much different now from what it was like in the third century A.D. Hardly any buildings are more than two stories high.

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